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New Association Guidelines: 


1. In order to establish a soccer league the first step is for you and your fellow soccer enthusiasts to create a soccer association for administrative purposes.   


2. In order to create that association you will need to decide on a name and submit proposed bylaws for your organization. 


3. In addition to bylaws a letter stating the association’s purpose is required.  The letter should address who it will serve, how it will address an unmet need in the community, where games will be played, and a commitment to host a coaching and referee course (provided by ASSA for free) during the first year. 


4. Once you have decided on an association name and drafted a set of proposed bylaws please send it to Jim Walker,  Executive Director, via email (


5. Your proposed bylaws must be accompanied by a check made payable to the Arkansas State Soccer Association in the amount of $100.  This check represents a $50 application fee and $50 for your first year annual membership fee.  Your check will not be cashed unless and until your bylaws are approved. 


6. All new club applications are due no later than June 30 for the following seasonal year.  Applications prior to May 30 will need to be accompanied by a $100 payment ($50 application fee and $50 new club membership fee, if approved).  Applications on or after June 1 will need to be accompanied by a payment of $500 ($50 new member fee, $450 application fee).


7. Once your bylaws have been approved the Arkansas State Soccer Association will provide you with the forms needed to register your players and additional support to help you establish your league. 



Requirements of being an association: 


1.  An association must have at least 50 registered players per seasonal year. 

2. $50 Annual membership fee 

3. Associations must use the online registration program provided by ASSA (at no additional cost.) 

4. Pay all appropriate fees in a timely manner.   

5. Abide by the ASSA rules and bylaws and the US Youth Soccer and USSF bylaws and rules.   

(see ASSA website: ) 

6. Host a coaching and referee course during the first year as a member. 






Thank you for your interest in Arkansas Soccer.  Please let me know if we can be of further assistance. 



Jim Walker

Executive Director 

Arkansas State Soccer Association 

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