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December 30, 2016

Here are the rosters for the ODP SubRegional Event in College Station.  If you choose not to attend, let us know realize you may have a conflict.  We do have training in January prior to the event so we will continue to evaluate players as alternates.  Please register for the event in GotSoccer and your hotel by January 10.  

Boys Rosters

Girls Rosters

The rosters are listed by numbers and the birth years.  The boys side has some missing names to the numbers so let me know ASAP if your player with that number.

The rosters are based on the notes and information from the coaches at each of the sessions.  If you are not on the list, just keep working hard to at the training sessions to make the next event and you will be an alternate for this event.  

We will be at College Station on January 28-29. Games will start in the morning on Saturday with the first games at 8am.  The last games on Sunday are usually 1 or 2pm.  

  • We will receive a schedule the week of the event.  
  • Here is the link to the hotel block:  You will need to book rooms by January 10, 2017.  This block if for Arkansas players and families.  You will need to get your player to the field and games each day.  You can choose a different hotel than what is on the is what South Texas has reserved for us.  
  • You will need to register your player in GotSoccer to secure your spot on the Arkansas team.  The registration for the event covers the team entry fee and coaches fees for the weekend.  Register Here: 


December 9, 2016

Another ODP weekend.  Please make sure you check the Facebook page and emails prior to heading out in case of weather turning colder and wet.  Assume the session is a "go" unless it is posted on Facebook or an email has been sent.  Have your player dress in layers and be prepared to train.  We are still working on lesson plans for the weekend but the players will be working on possession in the middle third of the field.  If you attend a session on Saturday and travel to the other location for Sunday, it will be the same session.  The high school players may be the only exception with a couple of different games for their session from Saturday to Sunday since they have tryouts.
We have had a couple of questions about rosters for the subRegional event in January.  If all the sessions are a "go" this weekend, we will look at rosters for teams/players next week.  
For those of you who are Star Wars fans, if we have a cancellation this weekend, the first day for Rainout schedule is Dec 18 so assume it would be the same time frame when/if moved to another date.  
Bathrooms at Brunner and Lay are closed due to water being turned off.  Go prior to the session. Assume the water will be turned off at the smaller locations so go to the bathroom before arriving to the fields.
  • players must attend sessions for their own gender and birth year
  • players are welcomed to attend sessions in Central or NWA for their gender and birth year
  • goalkeeper sessions are open to everyone...we have limited coaches so be prepared to listen and learn if we have a large group
  • bring a ball, water, and wear shin guards to all sessions
  • lesson plans should be posted later tonight for the weekend
  • be ready to work hard, don't be afraid to fail, make the player next to you better

November 23, 2016

We have ODP this weekend in two locations...Please read the entire email as there are common questions on the bottom....
If you are available to help at us please ;)
Burns Park  Fields 13-14
1-3pm     99-02 Girls Tryout Date  
3-5pm    99-02 Boys Tryout Date
Players need to attend a minimum of one session to be considered for the team starting Jan-July.  Attending more sessions allows the coaching staff multiple opportunities to evaluate players and make better decisions for the older age groups.
Will Montgomery, Tasha Flynn, John Chisolm, and Zac Moore will be the coaches for the sessions.  
Ben Geren, Fort Smith
1-3pm   03-06 Boys
3-5pm   03-06 Girls
We will have a session about building out of the back and go into playing the ball in reverse.  This is the first session in NWA so it may be a review from those who attended the previous session at Burns.
We have posted the sessions on our website:
Coaches for the session:  Dave Marshall, Michael Surtees, Tony Dawes, Paul Kimbrough, Max Habereder, Jennifer Pfeiffer
  • If you are in Ben Geren this weekend, Jennifer will speak to the parents around 1pm for the first session and 3pm for the second session.  
  • If you have not received your ODP shirt, you will receive it at your first session.  Please arrive at least 20 minutes early to receive your shirt.
  • Master Schedules were updated last week.  We rescheduled the sessions from Dec 3-4 to Dec 10-11 due to low number of coaches available because of US Soccer Education Training and Tournament weekend.  
  • Jan 2-3 we will have a camp in NWA.  We are checking coaches availability first to see if it will be an all day camp or just an afternoon.  More details will be posted next week and registration for winter camps will open next week.
  • Emails were sent about the ODP trip to England.  Please respond directly to them if you are interested:  Jennifer will approve final rosters for the trip to make sure they are competitive and age appropriate. Parents/families are welcomed to attend also.  
  • If you cannot attend a session, please email us at so we can try to keep an accurate head count for coaching staff.  We assume you will attend the sessions if you do not email us.  
  • You are welcomed to attend any/all sessions for your age group.  We try to have both lists at check-in but you may need to be written in for the coaches notes.  
  • We do not penalize players for not attending sessions.  Each training session is an opportunity for the coaches to evaluate players for selections to events and final summer camps.  
  • We try to have Goalkeeper sessions available each week but it depends on the availability of the GK coaches. 
  • ODP Handbook is on the "about ODP" website page.  Please review with your players so they understand the expectations for having success in the program.  


November 11, 2016

The first sessions are this weekend for the 03-06 age groups.  Here is the schedule for the next two weeks:
Burns Park fields 13-14
Sat, Nov 12  1-3pm for boys 05-06 & 3-5pm for girls 05-06
Sun, Nov 13  1-3pm for boys 03-04 & 3-5pm for girls 03-04
Sun, Nov 27  1-3pm Tryouts for Girls 99-02 & 3-5pm Tryouts for 99-02 Boys
Ben Geren
Sun, Nov 27  1-3pm for 03-06 Boys & 3-5pm for 03-06 Girls
Nov 12-13:  This weekend we will be working on building out of the back and goalkeepers will work on basic catches and distribution to be added to the team session in Phases 3 and 4.  
Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your session so we can check-in players, hand out t-shirts, and move the players to their assigned fields.  Please make sure your player has shin guards, neutral (no team logo) attire, plenty of water, quality sized ball with air, and good attitude to learn and compete.  
We do need some volunteers for check-in so email me if you are available to help 30 minutes prior to the session.
We will have a parent meeting once the sessions start so you can meet me and ask any questions. Most of the staff will be at the State Cup/Governors games this weekend so come and say hello.  You never know who is watching you on the soccer field so play well in your games and in all of the training sessions.  
Weekly emails/any updates will be posted on the website also:
Reminder that Facebook is usually the first location we update:


October 7, 2016

We are working on the schedule and field locations for the sessions this year.  Please be patient as we are getting close to open the registration for this year.  The programming for this year will have some changes but will include players who were born 98-06.  The 99 and 98 age groups will not attend Region camp but are allowed to attend sessions as the program allows.  us-soccer-logo usasa fifa
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