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ODP Registration and Training Costs

Registration for the 2013/14 ODP Winter Segment will begin on Tuesday, October 15 and continue through Sunday, November 3.  All players are expected to register online by the state registration deadlines.  Late registrations or walk-up registrations at the fields will incur an additional $25 fee.

  • To sign up, go to the ASSA ODP Registration Form at GotSoccer.
  • If you do not know your GotSoccer username and password issued to you by your current club, then please have it sent to you using the Player Password Lookup form.
  • If the lookup form does not find a match for your account, you can register using the "New Player Account" form.
    • Use the player’s information as listed on his/her player card (name and DOB).  Once this information is entered, GotSoccer should cross-reference your current account.
    • Click on "Login" to complete your registration.
    • If your existing player account does not appear, then continue with the creation of a new account.

If you have any questions regarding the online registration process please contact Melissa Moore or Robert Parr, or call 501-833-0550.

ODP Registration Fee -- Winter Training Segment

Experienced players (boys and girls) born between January 1, 1997 and December 31, 2002 are eligible to participate in the 2012/13 ODP Winter Training Segment.  In addition, players born in 1996 who have not yet started their Senior year of high school are eligible to participate in the Training Segment and may be selected to participate in various Subregional events (including the ODP Subregional College Combine), but they will not be eligible to attend the Region III Camp.  Players born prior to 1996 or after 2002 are not eligible, and there will not be any exceptions made to this policy!

Players will be grouped initially according to their birth year.  Thus, players born in 1999 will be referred to as "99s", and players born in 1998 will be referred to as "98s".  ODP groups are not the same as a player's club year grouping, so players from the same club team will often have different training groups (and even different training dates)!

  • Online registration fee (October 15 - November 3, 2013)$110
  • Late registration fee (after November 3, 2013): $135

Players must be registered and paid-in-full before they will be allowed to participate in any ODP events.  If you need to split your registration fee into two installments, please contact Melissa Moore to request this.  In addition, players who are not rostered to an ASSA member association for 2013/14 will incur an additional $50 fee.

ODP Camps -- Summer Segment

Players who perform well at ODP sessions during the Winter Training Segment will be invited to participate in a variety of camps during the Summer Segment.  The camps include in-state events, Subregional events, and the Region III ODP Camp.  The costs for each camp range from $235 to $500 per player, plus travel expenses.  Players will be scouted by members of the Region III Coaching Staff (and, in some cases, members of the US Soccer National Coaching Staff) at each of these events, and will be considered for advancement to the Regional and National Team programs available in their age groups.

For more details about the Summer Segment, please see the Schedules and Summer Camps pages.

Free iSoccer Accounts for Arkansas ODP Players

iSoccer LogoAs another benefit of participation in Arkansas ODP, we have made arrangements to provide all our Arkansas ODP players with free "iSoccer Plus" accounts.  This is an online training resource to use at home that shows you a variety of skills to work on (and how to practice them on their own) to improve as a player.  The system includes a set of 16 different activities that were developed as part of the "National Standards Project" to let players see how they compare with players across the country at different levels of play (from beginners to the top Division 1 college players).  There are now more than 1 million test scores in the iSoccer database, which provide objective baselines for comparison and assessment of a player's technical abilities.

We want all our ODP players to participate in this program, and will be tracking their progress over time within the system.  We will also conduct some of these tests at training sessions, so this gives you a chance to start practicing these test activities in advance.  

Please take a moment now to create your account.  The process takes only a few seconds, and will allow you to take immediate advantage of this interactive learning tool.  Your email address will not be used by iSoccer to "spam" your inbox with any other offers.  If you have any questions about the system or your iSoccer account, you can get them answered by going to  We hope you enjoy this addition to your ODP experience!

Sponsorship and Scholarships

Additional financial support of ASSA will greatly enhance the experience of our elite players in the state. If you are interested or you know of a business that would like to sponsor our programs, please contact the ASSA State Office at 501-833-0550.  In addition, players will have an opportunity to make a small donation to the program when they register, and we appreciate your contributions in any amount!

Because of the generosity of donors from across the state, we are able to offer a limited amount of financial assistance to players who cannot afford the full cost to participate in ODP.  Full scholarships are not offered to anyone, but partial scholarships and payment plans are available to players who have a demonstrated financial need.  For more information, please contact Melissa Moore. ussoccer usasa fifa
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