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Mississippi ODP Subregional Camp players Girls and Boys in the 2001, 2002, and 2003 age groups will be invited to attend the Subregional ODP Camp this summer. Players will receive three sessions a day, featuring a mix of team training, functional training for goalkeepers, speed and agility training, small-sided games, and full-sided games. Housing, meals, and field sessions will be provided on the campus of Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi.

  • June 23-27, 2015 .... 01-03 Boys and Girls


Register for the Subregional Camp is now CLOSED.

Camp cost: $450.00 does not include transportation


Check-in UPDATE:  

We will check-in at Sanderson Hall (Building 5 on the Map) starting at 3:30pm on Tuesday.

Millsaps College Map

 Arrive in white polo top and khaki bottoms.

Mississippi SubRegional 2015

Updated Schedule 6/23/15

Subject to Change


Staff for the week:  Jennifer Pfeiffer, Tasha Flynn, Andrew Ngundue, Brandon VanCleave

Parent Administrator:  Brooke Burton


Tuesday Day One

3:30-4:30pm                                Arrival and Check-in

4:30pm                                        Camp Introductions

5pm                                              Dinner

6:15pm                                         Training Session:  Welcome to Camp 7v7 games

8:30pm                                         Discuss Evaluations-do Self-Assessment

                           Group Discussion:  Nutrition

                                                      -Why is water important and how much is needed?

                                                      -What not to eat prior to a game?

                                                      -What do we consume after the game and when?

                                                      -Pros and Cons of Gatorade and Energy Drinks

9:45pm                                        Room Check

10pm                                            Lights Out


Wednesday Day Two

6:45am                                     Lobby to collect for breakfast

7am                                          Breakfast

9am                                          Training session:  GKs to tech training

         Team Session:  Individual Defending 1v1, 2v1, 2v2 to Expanded Game of 6 goals with team defending

11am                                          Lunch

2pm                                            Soccer Tennis

3pm                                            Lecture:  Principles of Defense, Principles of Attack

5pm                                            Dinner

6:15pm                                       Games vs Mississippi 02-03s

9pm                                            Close of Day Review, updates to schedule

9:45pm                                       Room Check

10pm                                         Lights Out


Thursday Day Three

6:45am                                     Lobby to collect for breakfast

7am                                             Breakfast

9am                                             4v4 Games to Rotate at 8min/game

11am                                          Lunch

2pm                                            Games to play at home, how to train by myself or in small groups

3pm                                            Lecture:  Beyond the soccer field

5pm                                            Dinner

6:15pm                                        Champions of 4v4 Crowned

9pm                                            Lecture:  Number Systems

                         Close of Day Review, updates to schedule

9:45pm                                      Room Check

10pm                                         Lights out


Friday Day Four

6:45am                                      Lobby to collect for breakfast

7am                                           Breakfast

9am                                           Shuffle Games vs Mississippi

11am                                          Lunch

2pm                                            Lecture:  Becoming Students of the Game

3pm                                            WWC Match Analysis:  Systems of play, Scouting Teams

5pm                                            Dinner

6:30pm                                       WWC Match Analysis: Tracking Players, Roles and Responsibilities

8:30pm                                        Close of Day Review, updates to schedule

9:45pm                                        Room Check, pack most of room

10pm                                           Lights Out


Saturday Final Day, Departure

6:45am                                     Lobby collect for breakfast

7am                                             Breakfast

8-9am                                        Clean Rooms, Pack

9am                                             Competition Games with Mississippi

11am                                          Closing Remarks: Parents Thank you for allowing us to coach your kids

11:15-noon                            Check out of Rooms, Farewell pics

pdf icon  Packing List     Reminders:  $5 for laundry (no coins), lanyard for room keys, phones will be handed in every morning prior to training and returned to players in the evening following the last session, bring soccer ball, refillable water bottle

pdf icon  2015 Player Release/Medical Forms

Forms need to be filled out in one PDF including your medical cards labeled with your child's age group, boy or girl, last name and first initial.  EXAMPLE: 99GPfeifferJ   They all need to be sent in by June 8 to email:

pdf icon  Millsaps College Campus Map

The cost to attend the Subregional Camp is TBD per player, which covers the full cost of the camp (lodging, meals, and coaching).  This fee does not include round-trip transportation; players are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to and from the camp.

An initial deposit of $200 is due by TBD to confirm each player's spot on the Subregional Camp team roster (players who miss this deadline may be replaced by an alternate player). This deposit is non-refundable, except in cases of documented injury or if the player's ASSA club team qualifies and attends the Region III Presidents Cup tournament (in Decatur, AL during the same dates), provided timely notice is given (within 48 hours of qualification for the tournament). A second payment of TBD is due by May TBD (payment must be received by this date, not just mailed). A $25 late fee will be added for any player who has not paid the camp fees in full by May 15.



If you have questions about this camp, please write Jennifer Pfeiffer (ASSA Director of Coaching) at, or call (501) 833-0550. us-soccer-logo usasa fifa
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