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2016/2017 Minutes

2016/2017 Minutes:

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December -

no meeting

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2016/2017 Motions:


Phil moved that the bylaws of Decatur Soccer Club be approved and that they be accepted for ASSA membership. The motion was seconded and carried.


Amanda Quillin was elected new ASSA president by a majority vote of the board.


Will Maffit moved that we uphold the decision of the Appeals & Discipline Committee in this matter and that Amanda appoint a committee to review and revise as necessary both our Appeals & Discipline procedures as well as the ASSA Code of Conduct. The motion carried.


Dustin Holly was elected to fill the open VP – South position

Bill Birnie was elected to fill the open Classic Commissioner position


December: no meeting

January: Planning meeting

February: AGM

Phil moved that board vice presidents be designated for purposes of succession to the presidency in the event of a vacancy in the office as follows: Vice President #1 – Patrick McCrory Vice President #2 – Grant Jones Vice President #3 – Danny Kapales Vice President #4 – Dustin Holly 


Phil moved that Southeast Arkansas Futbol Club be approved provisionally as an ASSA member association pending any potential recommended bylaw changes resulting from a more thorough review by the membership committee. The motion was seconded and was approved.

Bill moved that the revised code of conduct be approved with the addition of “United States Soccer Federation (USSF)” wherever in the policy “Arkansas State Soccer Association (ASSA and United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA)” are mentioned regarding the sponsorship or administration of events or activities. The motion was seconded and passed.




Scott moved that the board adopt as an internal operating procedure a new Fees and Assessments Policy (see attachment 3) to provide more specific guidance to the ASSA staff regarding the day-to-day application of ASSA bylaws related to past due fees and assessments. The motion was seconded. After discussion, the motion carried.




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