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Goalkeeper Training

Goalkeeper Training is Available through ASSA


Each session is $25 and open to all members of Arkansas State Soccer Association.  We have two age groups for boys and girls at this point with a U10-U12 session from 5-6:30pm and a U13+ session from 6:30-8pm.  Each week will be a new topic with a review of the past week and building into more goalkeeper specific lessons. 


Example session:  Improving technical footwork to make basic saves staying on your feet

Technical Warm-up:  Each player has ball to bounce, roll, and toss for basic saves.  Shuffle footwork to move around and attack the ball with right and left foot.  Ladder work for quick feet, set position, and basic shots for the save.

Technical Footwork Activity in Pairs:  Two cones to go through for saves on the ground, scoop, and basket.  Volleys to mid-range shots.  Review volleys in goal, played nets for better consistency on volleys then returned to pairs.

Goal Activity:  Servers 10 yards away at angles to go through two cones for lateral shots low and mid range.  Goalkeepers rotated sides for two servers.  Build to two shots per goalkeeper one low/mid from the ground and one high volley.

Finish with Game:  Two teams for Handball game to small goals.  Goalkeeper throws only, early set position to make save, technical saves, and improve communication.


Jennifer Pfeiffer, the Director of Coaching, will be the Lead Instructor for the sessions.  The sessions will be listed over the course of the summer and may vary in days depending on field space and instructor availability.  Registration will be open to first come, first available based on numbers and available staff to assist.  You will need to register by noon of the day of the event so we can plan the sessions accordingly.  

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