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You will find upcoming referee classes listed and updated as new courses are approved.


How to Register for a Referee Course

Referee Re-certification

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2020 USSF Referee Clinic 11/2/2019 

We are offering a field training as a part of our 2020 United States Soccer Federation referee clinic and certification on 11/2/19.  This is the final step to becoming a referee for 2020.


Before taking this step, we have a module, training and test that everyone will need to perform.  It takes about 6 hours to complete for someone familiar with the game.  The modules walk you through the laws of the game, law changes and the various duties of the referee, assistant referee and fourth officials.


If you know of anyone who would be interested, we constantly have games open and are in need throughout the season in Central Arkansas:


In order to take the first step in registering:


1.  Register as a returning or new referee


2.  Create a New Account:


Ref 1

3.  You want to accept the terms and conditions for


4.  You want to sign up for the 2020 Grassroots referee course online 29917


Ref 2




The Arkansas State Referee Committee has approved a change to the new referee course.  The new referee course will be an online course with a 4 hour practical field session similar to the coach course that have been established by US Soccer.  


Individual clubs will no longer request a referee course. 


There will be two course options, #28281 ONLINE COURSE - WITHOUT referee uniform ($50) or #28279 ONLINE COURSE - with referee uniform ($100.)  The referee kit has a retail value of $80.00.


If a new referee decided to not purchase the referee kit at the time of the course signup, they will have the option to purchase one at the field session for the same $50 fee.


Those who wish to become a referee will go to, sign up, and then proceed to take the online referee course option of their choosing.  There are several parts to the online course and these can be taken at the leisure of the participant.  Once you have completed the online work, a practical field session will be required to complete the certification.  There will be field sessions scheduled every month in the larger areas of Central and Northwest Arkansas during the peak seasons.  The outlying areas, for example Northeast and Southwest Arkansas, etc. will have 2 field sessions per year and be scheduled in advance of the fall and spring seasons.


Participants can attend any field session in the state.  For example, If you live in Hot Springs and have completed the online work but the next session is 3 weeks away in Central Arkansas, you can attend a field session in Northwest Arkansas to complete your certification.  A list of all field session will be under the course signup at


Field session will require a separate signup and all field sessions will be listed at  You will not be able to attend the field session if you have not completed the online work.  Walk ups will be turned away.




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