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Changes Coming to Arkansas Classic League

Arkansas Competitive Soccer League (ACSL) Announcement

I am pleased to announce that the ASSA Board of Directors', 
voted to approve a new league which will commence this fall,
the Arkansas Competitive Soccer League ("ACSL").  This new league will replace the
Arkansas State League and the Arkansas Competitive Development League
so that we will have one unified league, the ACSL, that governs the entire state
with respect to the pathway to State Championships, President's Cup, and Governor's Cup. 
This new league will be run by you, our member clubs, with guidance from ASSA,
allowing our members to have a greater voice and increased control
in the operations of the league which serves your players. 
The League Rules and Standards are attached, as is a more formal League Announcement,
so that you can see the revisions that ASSA has created to allow our member clubs
the autonomy to operate the league and move Arkansas soccer
in a direction that improves the level and quality of play across the entire state. 
It is our hope that all of our clubs will join us as we welcome in a new era of Arkansas soccer. 
I know many of you will have questions so we have prepared the attached,
Frequently Asked Questions to address some of those thoughts at the outset,
but if you should have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to me at your convenience
and I will happily provide greater insight on this new league. 
Applications for the fall season will be provided in the near future, but we wanted to provide you with this information now,
as we are excited about this new direction for Arkansas Soccer
and look forward to working jointly with all of you to the betterment of the entire state. 
As always, thanks for your support of Arkansas Soccer. 


Jim Walker
Executive Director


Press Release


Rules and Standards




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