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Coaching Courses 

Scheduled Courses  Date Location         
Grassroots 7v7 IP  January 29, 2019; 1-5 PM Texarkana, TX  CLOSED      
Grassroots 11v11 IP  February 17, 2019; 1-5 PM Paragould, AR     CLOSED      
Grassroots 9v9 IP March 10, 2019; 1-5 PM Hot Springs, AR  CLOSED      
Grassroots 11v11 IP March 31, 2019; 1-5 PM Siloam Springs, AR


Grassroots 11v11 IP August 11, 2019; 1-5 PM Texarkana, TX  CLOSED      
Grassroots 7v7 Informal Course August 24, 2019; 10-11AM CARL Scheduling^ Meeting         
Grassroots 9v9 Informal Course  August 24, 2019; 11AM-Noon

CARL Scheduling^


Grassroots 11v11 Informal Course  August 24, 2019; Noon- 1PM CARL Scheduling^ Meeting        
National D License 

August 23-25 & November 23-24

Russellville, AR 


*Due to low Numbers

Grassroots 9v9 IP September 8, 2019  Little Rock, AR


Grassroots 11v11 IP September 22, 2019 Paragould, AR  CLOSED      
Grassroots 7v7 IP  October 20, 2019  Vilonia, AR  CLOSED      
Grassroots 11v11 IP November 3, 2019 Fayetteville, AR OPEN      








The Grassroots courses focus on U.S. Soccer’s Coaching Education Philosophy, Play-Practice-Play Methodology, the Six Tasks of a Coach, and the characteristics of players in that specific game model (4v4, 7v7, 9v9, 11v11).




All you need to get started with our Grassroots courses is a profile on our Digital Coaching Center.

Once you create a profile, you can begin watching our Introduction to Grassroots Module immediately. Once that’s done, you’ll be eligible to take our online Grassroots courses and sign up for our in-person Grassroots courses.

To progress to the USSF D license, you need to watch our Introduction to Grassroots Module, complete one of the four online courses, and complete two of the four in-person courses (one must be 11v11).




  • Online courses are $25 and will take about 2 hours to complete.
  • In-person courses are 4 hours long and the prices are set by the state associations.

The D Course facilitates the improvement of the candidates in the Six Tasks of a Coach across all four game models (4v4, 7v7, 9v9, 11v11) with an emphasis on Coaching Training Sessions.



National D



In order to register for the U.S. Soccer D course, all candidates must meet the following pre-requisites:

  • Introduction to Grassroots Module
  • Two in-person Grassroots courses (one must be 11v11 and the other one can be 9v9, 7v7, or 4v4)
  • One online Grassroots course across any of the four levels (11v11, 9v9, 7v7, 4v4)

OR, if you previously earned a USSF F, USSF E, or both:

  • USSF F + Introduction to Grassroots Module + 11v11 Grassroots in-person course + one other Grassroots in-person course of your choice
  • USSF E + Introduction to Grassroots Module
  • USSF E + USSF F + Introduction to Grassroots Module




  • Course Meeting 1
    Three days onsite with full group
  • Development Period 1
    6-8 weeks in home environment with assignments and mentoring
  • Course Meeting 2
    Two days onsite with full group




National Soccer Coaches Association of America

The NSCAA Coaching Course Menu is designed with flexibility in mind for coaches to choose their desired level of entry based on previous experience. Development courses all offer unique material and can be taken in any order. We recommend reading each course description to determine the best fit for you; make sure to pay attention to any potential prerequisites.

NSCAA 4v4 Course

This three hour in-person course is designed for coaches with players ages 8 and under. The curriculum is packed with age-appropriate training activities around a 4v4 game structure.

Time Commitment: 3 hours  Friday night 6-9:30pm both lecture and field sessions
*No prerequisite

NSCAA 7v7/9v9 Course

This combined course for the next level of coaching is a nine hour in-person course focused on the 9-12 year old player. Content highlights player development, principles of play, technique, and tactics with small-sided games.

Time Commitment: 9 hours      Sunday 8am-6pm      Lectures and field sessions    *No prerequisite

NSCAA Goalkeeper Level One

The overall objective of the Goalkeeping Level 1 Diploma is to explore some of the myths and mystiques surrounding the goalkeeping function. The six-hour course is directed towards the team coach - not the specialist goalkeeper coach. The object is to empower the coach with knowledge and practice methods that will enable the coach to evaluate a goalkeeper in game situations and then design an appropriate practice program for goalkeepers in and outside of team practices. The course includes lecture (theory) and field (practical) sessions.

Time Commitment: 6 hours    Friday night 6-9:30pm, Saturday 8-11am     Lectures and field sessions
Testing: No

NSCAA Goalkeeper Level Two

The overall objective of the Goalkeeping Level 2 Diploma is to create an optimal learning environment for this specialized position. The 12-hour course is geared towards the specialist goalkeeping coach and the team coach looking for in-depth information surrounding the coaching of goalkeepers. The course includes both lecture (theory) and field (practical) sessions. An NSCAA Goalkeeping Level I Diploma is a prerequisite for this course.

Time Commitment: 12 hours   Saturday 1-6pm, Sunday 8-5pm   Lectures and field sessions
Testing: No

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