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Coach of the Year

Each year, the Arkansas State Soccer Association recognizes an individual as our "Coach of the Year" in each of the following four categories:

  • Recreational - Girls
  • Recreational - Boys (or Coed)
  • Classic - Girls
  • Classic - Boys (or Coed)


Nominations are solicited from the full ASSA membership, and the winner of each award is selected after considering each nominee relative to the following criteria:

  • Player Development
    • Does the coach inculcate enthusiasm, creativity, independence, self-confidence, and risk-taking?
    • Does the coach motivate players to learn and play to the extent of their ability?
    • Does the coach advance players to higher levels of competition?
    • Does the coach encourage players to train on their own or play in "pick-up" games?
  • Personal Development
    • Does the coach continue to learn and perfect his or her skills and abilities?
    • Has the coach taken courses to learn more about all aspects of the game (coaching, playing, and refereeing)?
    • Does the coach engage in continuing education by attending seminars or workshops, and by seeking out other resources for learning (books, videos, and online resources)?
  • Professionalism
    • Does the coach prepare developmentally-appropriate practice plans before every training session?
    • Does the coach communicate clearly, frequently, and respectfully with players, parents, opponents, and officials?
    • Does the coach fulfill commitments made to others?
  • Sportsmanship
    • Does the coach consistently exhibit good sportsmanship?
    • Does the coach promote good sportsmanship to players, parents, and supporters?
    • Does the coach encourage players to comprehend the link between sportsmanship and life?
  • Citizenship
    • Is the coach recognized beyond his or her team as a valued contributor to the welfare of the game?
    • Does the coach promote an awareness of the "larger soccer world" within the local soccer community?
    • Does the coach positively influence soccer beyond his or her own team?
    • Has the coach helped to actively "grow the game" in his or her community?



We appreciate the contributions of all the coaches who were nominated this year, and extend our congratulations to our latest honorees!

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