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2018/19 Player Registration Rules & Regulations



All Coaches will need to login to the Digital Coaching Center (  to create or update their coaching profile. You will need to use the DCC in order to continue your coaching education. 


All Coaches and Team Managers will have to take their background check each year through GotSoccer starting August 1st, 2018. This is found in their coaching profile within the club. Coaches will also need to have a current CDC Heads Up! Concussion Course completed. 


First Touch & In-House Rec teams will be allowed 15 players only per team. This will prevent only one coach being assigned to for example 75 kids. This will allow us to know that a KidSafe Coach who has taken a background check and CDC Test has been assigned to a team. This is for the player's safety. 



Team size:

Players on the field:

5U and below: 3v3

6U – 8U: 4v4

9U – 10U: 7v7

11U – 12U: 9v9

13U and above: 11v11



Roster size:

5U and below: 6 players max 

6U – 8U: 8 players max, 6 recommended 

9U – 10U: Academy: 12 players max, Recreational 14 players max, 12 recommended

11U – 12U: Classic: 16 players max, Recreational (minimum of 9 primary players on a team)

13U and above: 22 players max, 18 recommended (minimum of 11 primary players on a team)



Field Size:



Length Range

Width Range

6U - 8U


25' - 35'

15' - 25'

9U - 10U


55' - 65'

35' - 45'

11U - 12U


70' - 80'

45' - 55'


* 4v4 soccer is meant to be played in a less structured environment in order to maximize fun and participation; thus, players eight-years-old and younger should play without formal teams and rosters. Conducting play through in-house programs with flexible and fluid teams is the best approach. 



Heading is not allowed in the 11U and below age groups at practice or at games. In the 12U and 13U age groups limited heading is allowed in practice and unlimited heading is allowed during games.  Coaches need to know how to properly instruct heading at the 12U and above age groups.


9U/10U Build-out Line: 

USSF has implemented a build-out line for this age group.  The build-out line promotes playing the ball from the back in a less pressured setting.  Please see the USSF Player Initiative for complete details and dimensions of the build-out area.


Arkansas State Soccer Registration Levels:


Seasonal Year: August 1- July 31. 


Team fees: Charged once per seasonal year and covers the fee for coach and manager background checks, medical and liability insurance for the coach/manager (listed on the roster) and administration.

Player fees: Players are charged once per seasonal year at the level of the team on which the player is rostered.  Medical insurance, registration with US Youth Soccer and the US Soccer Federation is included in the player fee.


Registration Levels 

Classic (Gold & Silver Levels)  11U-19U

Eligible to participate in the Arkansas Competitive State League, Mid -South League.

Eligible to qualify for the Arkansas State Championships or Arkansas Governor’s Cup

Tryouts are allowed

Player Fee: $26 per player per seasonal year

Team Fee: $40 per team


Academy 8U-10U

Eligible to participate in Academy Leagues and events

Eligible to participate in Academy Cup

Pool Rosters, can change from game to game

Players must play at least 50% of the game

Player Fee: $18 per season per seasonal year

Team Fee: $20 per team


Recreational 7U-19U

Eligible to participate in the Recreational Leagues and other various leagues

Eligible to participate in Ron Heller Recreational Cup

Eligible to participate in Recreational Tournaments

Cannot participate in Classic Events

Tryouts are not allowed

Players must play 50% of the game

Player Fee: $14 per player per seasonal year

Team Fee: $15 per team


In-House Recreational 6U-19U

For teams that just play in their in-house league

Eligible for Fun Fest Jamboree.

Players must play 50% of the game

Player Fee: $10 per player per seasonal year

Team Fee: $6 per team


First Touch 6U & below

Designed to teach kids the basics of soccer in a fun environment

Arkansas State Soccer provides a program and coaching instructions specifically for this age group

Player Fee: $6 per player per seasonal year

Team Fee: $6 per team


Secondary Registration

11U and above Recreational or Rec Plus players may secondary onto a classic team. Players who are Secondary on a Classic team may be ineligible to participate in certain recreational events. Rec Plus or Recreational teams are limited to having no more than 3 players who are secondary on a classic team.



When a player transfers from one club to another club: $10 (charged to receiving club)


Yearly Membership Fee

Fee is $50 per club starting with the 2019/20. Provides Directors and Officers Insurance for the club. This fee is billed in December of each year. 


Tournament Sanctioning

Classic Tournaments: $250

Recreational Tournaments: $100

Jamboree/Friendly: $50

Provides liability insurance for the club.  Player's Medical insurance is only in effect for sanctioned events. 

Please submit tournament host permit form to 

Host Permit Form


Upgrade Fees

In-House Rec to Recreational : $5

Recreational to Classic: $10  


All other fees are event specific and will be on registration forms (leagues, state cups, coaching courses)


Club Pass:

Club pass is allowed in all registration levels.  The ability to club pass and the number of club pass players allowed is dependent upon the event that the team has entered.  Some leagues or tournaments may not allow club pass.  Players are allowed to club pass up but cannot club pass down a level.  Ex. A rec plus player can club pass onto a classic team for an event but may not club pass onto a recreational roster.  A classic player can only club pass onto another classic team.

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