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Arkansas State League



2016/17 Arkansas State Governor's League


A league provided by Arkansas State Soccer Association for U11 - U19 classic teams


Arkansas Soccer State League Coordinator:  

Tennille Stanger,  501-833-0550


Arkansas Soccer Classic Commissioner:  

Amanda Quillin,


Fall 2016 Inital Schedule


How to set your time and location

Teams have until August 31 to finalize their schedule


The Arkansas State Governor's League is designed for Division II (Silver) and Division III (Bronze) level teams.  A Rec Plus division will also be offered.  This league qualifies teams for the Governor's Cup.  It does not qualify teams for the Arkansas State Championships

Teams must be registered as classic or Rec Plus to qualify for this league.

The purpose of the league is to provide the appropriate level of competition at a reasonable cost with limited travel expenses.  Compared to tournaments (3 - 4 games in one weekend at $500 and up) the league provides up to 14 games throughout the season for $125 plus referees fees.  



Referee Fees for Governor's League:

U11/U12  $70 per game ($30 Center + $20 per AR)

U13/U14  $85 per game ($35 Center + $25 per AR)

U15/U16  $100 per game ($40 Center + $30 per AR)

U17/U18-19 $120 per game ($50 Center + $35 per AR)

The referee fee is based upon a full crew.  If only one AR is present then a team is only responsible for paying that one AR.  The only exception is for the U11 and U12 divisions; if only one referee is present the center referee should receive $35.



Fall 2016 Format:  The league will consist of seven set fall dates, plus a rain date.  Teams must select at least five dates.  Teams that also participate in the Interstate Competitive league can participate and are only required to select a minimum of three dates.  Up to two games will be scheduled per date.  The league will continue into the spring for the U11 - U14 age groups.

Fall '16 Dates:

September 10 

September 17 

September 24

October 1

October 8

October 15 

October 29 

November 5 - 6 (rain date)


Spring '17 Dates:

U11 - U14 only

Spring dates: must select at least three out of five dates

February 25

March 11

March 25

April 1

April 15

April 29 (rain date)



Field Information:

**Field usage fees for Burns Park:  any team/club scheduling a game at Burns Park will be responsible for paying the field usage fee.  Fees will be billed to club

  • For any AR Soccer League games you must go through the State to reserve fields at Burns Park.  Please do not contact North Little Rock for league games.
  • If you want to schedule a friendly or additional games you can contact North Little Rock directly.  Payment will be expected at time of reservation.
  • $30 per game/field without the use of lights
  • $40 per game/field with the use of lights
  • (this is for a full size field for two hours)  smaller fields will be pro-rated.
  • Burns Park does not provide referees.  The home team is responsible for securing referees
  • To view Field reservations (do not use for league games, only friendlies)


Field Usage fees for Centennial Park in Conway:  any team/club scheduling a league game will be responsible for paying field usage fees.  Fees will be billed to club.

  • $30 per game/field without the use of lights
  • $40 per fame/field with the use of lights.
  • (this is for a full size field for two hours, smaller fields will be pro-rated)


Field Usage Fees for Arkadelphia:

  • $20 per day ($20 extra per hour for lights)
  • Contact: Mike Volz  870-246-5499


For neutral site games, individual clubs may charge a fee to use their fields.  Please check with the club.


  • Burns Park: 501-791-8656
    • Rainout Line number: 501-798-0200
    • Our new Rainout Line offers you a FREE iPhone and Android app to quickly check the status information.
      • To download the app for North Little Rock Parks and Recreation:
        • Go to the market on your phone and search Rainout Line.
        • Download the app and search for North Little Rock Parks and Recreation.
        • When it appears click the star on the right side of the page and you are all set.

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