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Arkansas State Leagues


2015/16 Arkansas State League

A league provided by Arkansas State Soccer Association for U11 - U18 classic and challenge teams


State League Commissioner: Roy Sitton

State League Administrator:Cameron Smith 501-833-0550


2015/16 Arkansas State League Outline

Registration:  July 1 – 16, 2015  Registration is open


July 23 set brackets for divisions/age groups

League season:  Eight weeks: Aug 29 - Oct 25

Rainout weekend Oct 31

  • $125/season (fall and spring are separate seasons) Teams can participate in both or just one season.
  • 2 blackout weekends plus ASSA rainout weekend
  • 2 game changes allowed once schedule is sent, 7 days advance notice required to change games
  • Home/Away schedule with max of 10 games.  
  • Older age groups may elect to play single round-robin
  • No more than 2 games per day with 3 max over one weekend
  • Rosters guidelines will follow National rules, club pass is allowed but rosters must maintain a minimum of nine player common to its roster for U13 and above and a minimum of six player common to its roster for U11 – U12.


To minimize travel, team can chose which district they wish to participate.  

  • Northwest District: District 1,
  • Central District: District 3
  • Teams from other areas may join the district of their choice.
  • Teams are given the opportunity to request divisions and to play up.  All requests are subject to review by the ASL committee.

High School division to expect only enough teams for U16 and U18 age brackets, divisions based on teams applied.

Teams must register for the Region III Premier League, USYS National League or AR State League to qualify for the AR State Championships.  If a team registers and we are not able to provide a bracket, then the team can use another US Youth sanctioned league (approved by the ASSA State League Committee) to qualify for the AR State Championships.

Seeding:  The AR State League will be used for seeding of teams at the AR State Championships.  Teams that participate in the Regional or National Leagues will be awarded the first and second seeds regardless of any other standings.  If the two teams that participated in the Regional league are from the same district a coin flip will decide which team goes into which bracket. 

The top four teams (including the premier league teams) from each district league automatically qualify for the AR State Championships.  

If there are ten teams that qualify for the AR State Championships the Premier League teams receive a bye until the semi-finals.

Assume by Fall 2016:  Fields will be under US Soccer guidelines for 5v5, 7v7, 9v9

Fall 2016: Require all coaches in the league to have an E license in order to coach.

Fall 2017: Require all coaches in the league to have a D license in order to coach teams in the gold division.

For the good of the game in 5 years:

  • Four District/Region Leagues
  • Age true brackets with 6 teams/age group
  • Three Divisions or levels of competition
  • Two Premier League teams from Arkansas per age group



**Field usage fees for Burns Park: any team/club scheduling a game at Burns Park will be responsible for paying the field usage fee.

Hyperlink To view Field reservations

  • To reserve fields: call Temeka Martin 501-791-8541 (M-TH 6:30 am - 3:30 pm, Fri 8 am - 12 pm)
  • $30 per game/field without the use of lights
  • $40 per game/field with the use of lights
  • (this is for a full size field for two hours)  smaller fields will be pro-rated.
  • Burns Park does not provide referees.  The home team is responsible for securing referees

 Field Usage Fees for Arkadelphia:

  • $20 per day ($20 extra per hour for lights)
  • Contact: emailMike Volz  870-246-5499


  • Burns Park: 501-791-8656
  • Maumelle: 501-803-3999
  •  Riverdale and Verizon: 501-603-9880
  • Lakewood: 501-771-9973
  • Bryant: 501-213-5455


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