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Governors Cup Spring 2017 (U11-U14)

May 13-14, 2017 



The Governor's Cup will offer silver and bronze divisions.  There is no advancement with this cup.

Registration Rules:

1. Teams must qualify to register for this cup by competing in/and completing the schedule in either the Region III Premier League, Interstate League or Governor's League.

2. Secondary players and club pass players are allowed.

3. A player cannot be rostered on both a State Championships and Governor's Cup team if it is held the same weekend.

4. Any player that resides out of the state of Arkansas must have been registered onto the team by September 30, 2016.  There are exceptions for border towns/clubs.

5. Roster Limit: 22 player on the State Cup roster and 18 players on the game roster.


U19 only: with the birth year change many teams that were U18 under the school year method had to make a choice as to whether or not to include seniors on their team who were born after January 1 of the school year.  Many teams opted to include the seniors and bumped their team up from U18 to U19.  Due to the National Championship Series combining the U19 & U20 groups for the 2017 Southern Regionals we must hold our State Championships in the spring to accommodate players who are currently in college, since the U19 age group was traditional college age players.


What we are offering this fall for the U19 age gorups: Any U19 team that has competed in either the Interstate or Governor's League is eligible to participate in the Governor's Cup this fall.  Participating in the Governor's Cup will NOT affect the team's eligibility to participate in the Arkansas State Championships in the spring.  Therefore, U19 teams may enter both the Governor's Cup in the fall and the Arkansas State Championships in the spring if they so desire. us-soccer-logo usasa fifa
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