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Arkansas Recreational League

The Arkansas Soccer Recreational League provides recreational teams in Central Arkansas with local, age-appropriate competition. Boys (or coed) and girls divisions will be offered in the U8 - U19 age groups, and teams may be placed in different brackets based upon competition level and geographic location. 


Spring 2015 Central AR Recreational League: 

  • All participating coaches and managers must complete the "Heads Up" Concussion Online Education Session provided by the CDC prior to attending the scheduling meeting.  To take the session:
    • Login to your GotSoccer coach or manager account (not your team account)
    • On the gray menu bar click on "Concussion Center"
    • Click on "Heads Up Concussion in Youth Sports"


  • Online Registration
    • Please use the correct GotSoccer team account
    • Deadline to register is Feb. 15


  • Scheduling Meeting:
    • February 21, 2015 (all coaches need to attend)
    • The club's field assignor needs to attend.
    • A preliminary schedule will be posted by Feb. 19 (listing home and away on a specific date)
    • At the scheduling meeting you will meet with the other coaches and agree upon a time and location.  Coaches are allowed to change the dates of the games.
    • Please be aware of your club's scheduling policy prior to attending the scheduling meeting.  


pdf icon Recreational League Guidelines and Rules  - Including rules on game pass

Please read! It contains all the information on how to reschedule a game, print your roster, post your score and much more.


 How to find your team's complete schedule:  

  • Click on the schedule for your team's division
  • Click on your team
    • This brings up the schedule for your team only.  It will show games across brackets.
    • Important: When a game is played between two teams from different brackets it only shows the game in the schedule of the home team’s bracket.  If you click on your bracket schedule and then on your team you will see your team’s complete schedule, which will include any cross-bracket games. 


Need help finding a field?  Click on "Event Fields" on the red bar at the top. If the club has provided an address for their fields a google map will provide directions.


Need contact information for the other team?

  • Login to your team account and click on "AR State Soccer Rec. League Spring 15"
    • Click on "Scheduling Tab" (sixth tab to the right)
    • Click on "Chat" next to the team you wish to communicate with.  This will provide all the contact information.
  • From the online schedule:
    • Click on the online schedule
    • Click on the bracket that you need contact information
    • Click on "Team Contact Info" on the top right


How to print your team's roster:

Login to your team's GotSoccer account:  "team login" 

From the "home" tab - navy menu bar

Click on "Team Profile" gray menu bar

Click on "Documents" 5th tab over

Your team roster should appear as a PDF.


How to reschedule a game or make a correction:

  • 1.       First contact the other coach and confirm the new time/date or cancellation.
  • 2.       From your team account find the row with “AR State Soccer Rec. League Spring 15”
  • 3.       Select “Request” under the “Support” column  (the last column)
  • 4.       Select “Open a Support Ticket”
  • 5.       Include all pertinent information (must include the game number)

Things to consider when scheduling games:

  • Field and referee considerations of the club
  • Teams are expected to honor home/away*
  • Teams/clubs are responsible for field usage fees when played at a neutral site**
  • If there is a team from outside the 50 mile radius (or even within it) consider scheduling a jamboree event with other teams in the bracket so that each team receives two games. 


The Arkansas Soccer Recreational League is a regional league with games scheduled throughout the Central Arkansas Area. The established travel radius for games is 50 miles, which is approximately 1 hour of interstate travel. Teams outside of a 50 mile radius of Little Rock are welcome to join the league, but with the understanding that some of their opponents may not want to travel outside of the radius to play.  Should that be the case, it is recommended that 1) the location of the game be moved to a mutually agreeable location or 2) the teams find other opponents to schedule with.
Teams are urged to work together for the good of the game to help those teams from outside the Central Arkansas area participate.

**Field usage fees for Burns Park: any team/club scheduling a game at Burns Park will be responsible for paying the field usage fee.

Hyperlink To view Field reservations

  • To reserve fields: call Temeka Martin 501-791-8541 (M-TH 6:30 am - 3:30 pm, Fri 8 am - 12 pm)
  • $30 per game/field without the use of lights
  • $40 per game/field with the use of lights
  • (this is for a full size field for two hours)  smaller fields will be pro-rated.
  • Burns Park does not provide referees.  The home team is responsible for securing referees

 Field Usage Fees for Arkadelphia:

  • $20 per day ($20 extra per hour for lights)
  • Contact: emailMike Volz  870-246-5499


  • Burns Park: 501-791-8656
  • Maumelle: 501-803-3999
  •  Riverdale and Verizon: 501-603-9880
  • Lakewood: 501-771-9973
  • Bryant: 501-213-5455  

pdf icon  How to print your roster and game card 

4.  Please post your score:

  • Coaches/team managers are encouraged to post their scores: (the score will not be made public but will help us better bracket teams in the future)

pdf icon  How to post a score via your smart phone or computer:  Game Number - located at the left-hand column of the schedule. 

  • Bracketing in the spring will be based upon the records from the fall.  Teams that do not provide scoring information will be placed in the highest bracket.
  • Event ID: 44011
  • Pin: 2014

Hyperlink Post your score now  via your computer:  

5.  pdf icon 7v7 Rules All other teams should play according to Hyperlink ASSA rules

6.  The home team must change its jersey if there is a conflict.  It is recommended that all teams have a set of pennies on hand if you do not have alternate jerseys.  An email to the opposing coach before the game can avoid jersey conflicts.

Hyperlink GotSoccer Support Manuals

Hyperlink Recreational Coach Forum on Facebook - to help coaches communicate and find pick-up games 

** Please remember to always check the goals to ensure that they are properly anchored.  

  • Never let children (or anyone) climb or swing on a goal.  Goals are not designed as climbing toys and can tip and cause serious injury or death.

HyperlinkFor goal/sport safety information


Please take a minute to complete the following survey.  Your input is vital to the improvement of the league.

Hyperlink Survey for teams that participated in the Rec. League ussoccer usasa fifa
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