Arkansas State Championship and Governor's Cup

November 11-12th, 2017

Presidents_Cup_FINAL_generic_WEB             Southern Regionals 2017


Age Groups: U15-U18 


The Arkansas State Championships will offer only one division; Gold.  Teams that register for this cup must commit to advancing to Southern Regionals or the Region III President's Cup if they place 1st or 2nd in the cup.  

Fine for qualifying and then not advancing to Regional competition: $1,000-$3,000.



The Arkansas Governor's Cup will be held the same weekend at Burns Park.  When you complete your team registration it will ask which tournament your applying to enter.  Governor's Cup fee is $450 and State Championship fee is $550.



Registration Rules:

1. Teams must abide by the National Championship Series Rules.  (Click here for National Championship Series website)

2. Only primary or club pass players are allowed to participate.

3. Teams must maintain a continuity of a minimum of nine (9) players from league to state championship's roster.

4. Teams must qualify to register for this cup by competing in/and completing the schedule in either the Region III Premier League, Arkansas State League (ASL), or Arkansas Club Development League (ACDL).

5. A player can only play in one State Championship (in any state) per seasonal year.  If an U14 or younger player club passes or is registered on an U15-U18 team, that player is ineligible to play in the U13-U14, U19 State Championships that are held in the Spring.

6. A player cannot be rostered on both a State Championships and Governor's Cup team if it is held the same weekend.

7. Any player that resides out of the State of Arkansas must have been registered onto the team by September 30, 2017.  There are exception for border towns/clubs.

8. Roster limit: 22 players on State Championship roster and 18 players on the game roster.

9. Only rostered players, coaches, and managers may be on the sideline with the players. There will be bench passes issued and referees will be aware that only adults with passes are allowed on the sideline.

10. NEW: 18Us will be eligible to attend President's Cup this year.  More information to come.

Please email Marissa Hicks for any roster questions:


T-Shirts Available


Fine Designs will be located at the fields to sell on site shirts. Prices start at $20, with custom additions starting at $3 


Designs for both tournaments will be available: 

ASC Fall 2017 Tshirt DesignGov Cup Shirt Design Fall 2017






To view a list of registered teams click here





Please be aware of the new playing rule in effect this year: (Limited Substitution)

A maximum of 7 substitutions for each team shall be allowed in each game during each half of play and during overtime play.  After leaving the game during a half of play, the substituted player may not re-enter the game during that same half of play.  After leaving the game during overtime play, the substituted player may not re-enter the game.

Due to the limited substitution rule electronic player cards cannot be accepted.




2018 US Youth Soccer Region III  Greensboro, NC

BB&T Soccer Complex at Bryan Park 

Opening Ceremony: June 21, 2018

Round Robin: June 22-24, 2018

Quarters: June 25, 2018 (14U, 15U, 16U)

Semis/ Quarters: June 26, 2018 (Semifinals 13U and 19U/ Quarters 17U and 18U)

Finals/ Semis: June 27, 2018 (Finals  13U and 19U/ Semis 14U-18U)

Finals: June 28, 2018 (Finals 14U-18U)


2018 Region III Presidents Cup 

June 12-17, 2018 in Greenville, SC